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Process of recovery speed through


The following feedback of actual process of improvement was given by our patients who had done lip-exercise with the device (based on 4 times lip-exercise per day, for 3 min. each; mustn't wear the device during sleep, but lip-exercise 12 min. per day only)

By the main factor of strengthening the orbicular muscle of mouth (facial muscles).

1. Become nose breathing from mouth breathing during sleep (able to keep closing mouth during awake/asleep & cure blocked nose)

2. Increase in sufficient oxygen to body & brain (root of tongue keeps away from Airway by coordinative movement of lip closure strength)

3. Boost parasympathetic nerve & immunity (through direct stimulate parasympathetic during lip-exercise & deep sleep)

4. Increase in Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) through Lip-exercise (proved by optical topography during lip-exercise)

Chronic disease / symptoms Period of time Factors

1. Stop going toilet (1~3 times) at late night within 2 weeks or earlier Boost parasympathetic / deep sleep

2. Change mouth to nose breathing Approx. 2~3 weeks Strengthening Cheek muscles

3. Improvement bowel Approx 2 weeks Stimulate parasympathetic through lips

4. Snoring / Sleep Apnea 2 weeks~ 6 month Root of tongue keep elevating during sleep

5. Decrease in sugar rate in blood within 3 weeks or earlier Increase in insuring / metabolism

6. Stop Bad breath / bleeding from gum within 1 month or earlier By nose breathing & Saliva during sleep

7. Stop Drooling (saliva) by Stroke Approx. 1 month Increase in strength of Lip Closure

8. Stop Mouth ulcer / Sore throat / Phlegm Approx. 1 month Become nose breather during sleep

9. Temporomandibular (TMJ) / Teeth grind Approx 1~ 3 month Balance up facial muscle

10. Boost Immunity=less flue=Eczema Approx. 1~4 month Immune control during sleep

11. No catching cold / Mouth ulcer Approx. 2 & afterward Boost immunity / Mouth breathing

12. Bell’s palsy Approx. 2~3 month Facial exercise / cerebral blood flow

13. Release Stiff neck (squeeze lips as hard as lips) on the spot Link muscles (face/neck/shoulder)

14. Decrease in Hypertension Approx. 3 month later Decrease no of blood plates

15. Blocked nose (Sinus) Approx. 3 ~ 5 months Nose breathing / enlarge nasal chamber

16. Alzheimer/Dementia/Down Syndrome Approx.4~6 month Increase cerebral blood flow & breathing

17. Apertognathia Approx. 8 ~ 12 Month Increase in lip strength pushing teeth

18. Parkinson (stop or reduce trembling) Approx. 9 ~ 12 Month Improve pituitary / new born synapse

19. Slimming face - As side effect Approx. 1~ 2 month Firming up facial muscles / metabolism


Medical Journal: Download Medical Journal Here (7.9 Mb)

Briefing about related symptoms by mouth breathing (=Lack of Lip Closure Strength = sagging facial muscles)

1. Sleep apnea

The main cause is due to dropping off the root of tongue by the gravity and it blocks off the airway passage during REM sleep?switchover with non-REM sleep by every 90 minutes?. If people strengthen their orbicular muscle of mouth (increase in strength of lip closure) through Lip-training, the root of tongue is not dropping off easily with correlated movement between tongue and lip closure.

2. Snoring

Almost same case of Sleep apnea as the above, but some snorers have swollen soft tissue at around pharynx by mouth breathing for long time. In that case, it will take 3~6 month to stop snoring till swollen portion is recovering by becoming a nose breather through lip-exercise (strengthening lip closure) as original size.?Cause of sound of snoring is either swollen parts or root of tongue is pushed and vibrated by air passing though between airway and those, while breathing. The speed of the air pushing those parts is accelerated due to narrow passage.

3. Sleep on sideway or Face down

It’s due to signals from brain to help our life not to choke off breathing by sinking root of tongue. However as far as Lip Closure Strength (LCS) is increasing by lip-training, sleep posture of sleep on sideway or face down can be stopped and start sleeping with facing up the ceiling. It takes for approx. within a month. Regular Lip-exercisers can recognize it when it wakes up in the morning.

4. Bad breath

Quoted question from a patient and our reply as follows:-

>I have frequent heavy bad breath that cannot go away despite for all the things that i've done like flossing, listerine, clean tougue, breath spray or mints.

Your bad breath would not be gone, as far as you stay opening mouth (=mouth breathing) during sleep for 6-8 hours every day. As a result, your saliva in your mouth is being evaporated through opening mouth. When you take a breath through mouth, a lot of bacteria come together from intake-air. Because majority of halitosis is created by bacteria attached at around throat. Remaining food between teeth, gum disease and furry tongue do not cause halitosis as people and doctors are expected.

So If you could start closing mouth during sleep, those bacteria will be washed up by saliva day by day. According to our study, Bad breathe is gone within 2 weeks.

>It is bothering me and affects my confidence talking to people.

You should eat something, before facing and talking to people, your bad breath could be reduced. The reason is when you swallow the food, those stinky bacteria at around the mouth is got rid out by passing by the food. (FYI, rice makes better result rather than eating noodle), it'll work for approx 1~1.5 hours and afterwards the halitosis will start increasing. We have done actual case study with using a OralChroma (probably the most precision Bad breath measuring device in the world, as portable type)


>Do you think there will be someone that can help me in your place? or that it is better for me to seek for more professional help in hospital elsewhere?

Yes, we are strong confidence to stop your bad breath through lip-exercise and bleeding from gum while you brush teeth as well.

You can judge the strength of our evidence why de we utilize a OralChroma Measuring device (OralChroma) for diagnosis of Bad Breath is available ..... If we can't stop halitosis, it mean to kill our self.


5. Mouth ulcer

People suffering from painful mouth ulcer stop having mouth ulcer suddenly, after becoming a nose breather. Reason is that saliva can be maintained inside mouth all the time during sleep and saliva is the one to wash up bacteria of mouth ulcer. Many doctors recommend patients to use medicine, vitamin B or other medicine. However those patients have mouth ulcer repeatedly, because doctor can’t make patents to be nose breathers.

6. Gum disease (Bleeding from gum while brushing teeth)

85 % of Singaporean has gum disease on the government's report. because infants in S’pore do not have many chances having a breast feeding, but baby-bottle feeding. It means that strength of orbicular muscle of mouth ?=lip closure? are not developed in early childhood. As a result, even people grew up and become adults, they start opening mouth when it comes to asleep and bacteria with intake-air pass the infection on to gum and become swollen gum, and then start bleeding from gum. It will take for 30 days to stop bleeding from gum by the infection is under control with maintained saliva through nose breathing (=stay closing mouth8no evaporation of saliva =no dry mouth)

7. Toilet in middle of night

People who going to toilet in the middle of the night (1~3 times) will stop going to toilet within 14 days, after Lip-training correctly and regularly 4 times per day. (if it’s not stopped please review if your way of lip-exercise is right) This is due to imbalance of parasympathetic (low) < sympathetic (high), as a result, autonomic nerve is unable to be higher, because of shallow sleep and people normally don't know how to stimulate parasympathetic from lips(visceral muscle). And also lip-training stimulate brain functioning with cerebral blood flow and help to release of antidiuretic hormone from the pituitary gland pituitary gland.

8. Bruxism and TMJ

The main cause of both symptoms is imbalance of facial expression muscles or weakness of the muscles. People who have imbalance of facial expression muscle often receive signals from brain to fix their out of alignment of face or occlusion by grinding teeth. After strengthening facial expression muscle(=majority is cheek muscles), even our device is not designed for treatment of wrong occlusion but as a result, due to firming up the face with growing muscles, imbalance of muscles is gone and cure both bruxism and tmj, the success rate is 80% (4 time lip-training for 3 mins. each per day basis) with feed back from patients and doctors. TMJ patients are recommended to start exercising their orbicular muscle of mouth with the softest device (Green-Rehab), because those patents suffering from TMJ have normally weak orbicularis oris muscle (8~7N or below), it’s too weak for lip-exercise with Pink(soft) or Blue(normal). Please keep it in your mind.

9. Eczema

We consider the eczema as a signal (indications) of mouth breather, it's not serious chronic disease, because we are confidence of the result, if people use the device regularly to strengthen their orbicular muscle of mouth(increase in strength of lip closure), without exception, every one can change into nose breathing from typical mouth breather, even they are suffering from blocked nose. And then people maintain their saliva in the mouth and throat (no more dry mouth or no evaporation of the saliva by mouth breathing), the saliva wash up bacteria at throat and stop swollen tonsil and pharynx. In the result, cause of bacteria stop going to eczema portion through lymphoid ring and blood circulation, finally eczema stop with radical cure of treatment.

Following a table show that no of bacteria in oral (mouth) was decreased when people change from mouth breathing to nose with lip-training.

10. ?nsomnia :There are 2 main causes, one is shortage of oxygen by choking airway with root of tongue as mentioned and imbalance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves(autonomic nerves system). People with insomnia always sympathetic much higher than parasympathetic nerves, so parasympathetic needs to be boosted by lip-exercise as below:-

11. Sleep stress / Flu / Common cold / Sore throat / Dry Mouth / Phlegm / Bad attack of coughing / Attack of asthma

Feed back from patients, once they change nose breathing and being lip-exercise regularly, the above symptoms could be solved for many years.

The main factors are:-

1. Bacteria and cold intake air almost always are passing by nose and approx. 80 % of whole bacteria are killed by nose breathing.

2. Cold air in-take attacks asthma and coughing, especially those who have infection at pharynx by bacteria, the temperature is risen and become mild (discouragement) for the attack through nose breathing.

3. The power of Immunity is boosted, once people could take breath from nose, because nose breathing has advantage obtaining sufficient oxygen and deep sleep during sleep, as a result, it helps to take a rest of brain functioning and affect immunity, autonomic nerve system and hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

12. Blocked nose (Sinus)

The main cause of blocked noses is lack of strength on facial expression muscle (orbicular muscle of mouth) and mouth breathing in asleep and awake, because there is correlation ship between volume (size) of nasal chamber and strength of facial expression muscle. It means that most of people who have weak lip closure strength are facing the problem due to having a shrunken nasal chamber. That’s why people who had an operation by ENT doctors to unbend curved nasal cannels and makes bigger size of nasal cannels, they are easily to be suffering from stuffy and blocked nose again, if they don’t change from mouth to nose breathing with strengthening on orbicular muscle of mouth(= lip closure strength)

How to stop the blocked nose is as follows:-

1. Change from mouth to nose breathing during sleep in awake and asleep with strengthening facial expression muscle.

2. While lip closure strength is increase, nasal chamber is getting bigger (enlarged) with stretching muscle under the nose and surface of skin which used to be sensitive by dry skin is getting wetter by mucus and stop sneezing when awake in the morning.

Eventually blocked nose is gone.

Reviews from users & patients

A doctor from Australia


Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 9:31 AM

Subject: Liptrainer

Dear Oya:

I wanted to keep you up to date regarding the Liptrainer.I have had the opportunity to trial the Liptrainer on myself and my patients for the last 3 months and the results is promising. As I have mentioned this to you , My area of practice is preventive medicine. I am A Chiropractor with training in Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutrition And Neurology. I have been working with Sleep disorders in the last 5 years as well as general wellness. I have found the Liptrainer to be a good compliment to what I do which take in to account patient's involvement. The science of Liptrainer makes alot of sense from the neurological point of view as well as wholistic approach to a better health. I also understand the poor support that this device can receive in medical community in western world, since rehabilitation and prevention is not part of their approach. They concentrate on management which includes surgery, medication and life support system.

I am in the process of finalizing my book in natural treatments for sleep related disorders. I like to include the Liptrainer in my book.

I appreciate any research material with references beyond what is already exist on your website.

My clinic partners are very excited about the broad usage of Liptrainer.

We like to take on a large marketing campaign in Australia and new Zealand promoting the liptrainer to the public and health practitioners. To achieve this task we like to request the sole distributorship in to this two country. I am sure we can come to some arrangement regarding performance level as well as minimum annual order.

We are very excited and serious to undertake this project and I appreciate your consideration of this proposal.

Yours in good health

Dr. Reza Samvat


A Neuro doctor from Ireland

October 21, 2006 at 19:25:48

Country: IRL

Occupation: Neuro Developmental Practitioner

Message: I am a neuro developmental practitioner working with children with specific learning difficulties. Many of my clients have secondary conditions that are aided by your product. I would like to become an agent for selling your product in Ireland. I have seen results from your product and would like to promote it within Ireland. Would someone contact me to seriously discuss this further ? Email is probably the best mode of communication or I also have skype line, and mobile also.

A practitioner from Ireland
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 4:11 PM

Subject: liptrainer order

Hi Oya,

How are you, I have some good feed back from clients on the Liptrainer, can you order me another xxx of the green liptrainers, please.I have also started to sell through my website so this should increase sales quickly.


Alan Kane
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 10:48 PM
Subject: new order of ltp

ciao dear oya seiichiro. here we go, it is a rehab period cause many associations are started the lip trainer program.
so please send to me this time only xx green lip trainer patakara

thanks a lot and see you soon.

Mother of Autism kid from S'pore

Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 12:08 PM

Subject: Training by Myofunctional Therapy Device

Good morning, Dr Oya

It has been also 1 year since Kenny using the Lip Trainer, he has been improving tremeously.

We are very happy that Kenny IQ has improved, and he now learn how to express himself thru speech (as per our observation).



A doctor from Australia

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 8:37 PM

Dear Oya:

I have just arrived from the international congress on mental health . Your banner arrived on time and was displayed for all the delegates and the response was very favorable. The banner was paced in front of the room for all to see through most of the presentation. I spoke on the role of Snoring and sleep apnea in depression and introduced the Liptrainer to over 350 Doctors, scientist, Psychologist and other allied health ares from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. We received substantial orders.

Lip Trainer Instructions


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Lip trainer inventorDr Yoshiaki AKIHIOR Lip Trainer Inventor

Tokyo Dental College / lecturer
Dr Yoshiaki AKIHIRO

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