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  • It's FREE  INTERNET ADVERTISING "something for nothing".
  • You can use your Free Web Page as your Website and put the Webpage address (URL) details on your stationary and advertising campains.
  • The Internet Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, like links to your websites, this shows that a human being has gone to some effort to link to your Website which shows the content of your site has some value and gives some level of trust to the internet users.
  • The more Links you have from other websites that are the same subject as yours the more important your website will become and that will push you up the Page Ranking Position in the Search Engines.

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Why UpGrade your Free Web Page?

  • The more content you have about what you do on your Free Web Page with us the more chance you have of coming up under a certain Search Term (a Search Term is what you type in to the Search Engines so you can find relevent websites).
  • Up-Grade your page by adding more pages, colour, images and more text for a small monthly cost email us to find out more.

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  • Reduce your website frustration by being in control of your website your self

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